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Hormone Therapy Process

Get your bloodwork done

These are the labs you'll need for MEN and for WOMEN. You can either get these drawn at the office or you can have these done already when you come in for your consult. Labs are covered by your insurance but if you are uninsured, call the office for pricing.

Step 1. BHRT Health Assessment Checklist

Click here to take the fist step in seeing if you are a candidate for HRT.

Patient Consult

Every patient wanting to try the Evexipel Method for the first time needs a consult after your blood work has been drawn. Even if you're our patient already, you need this before you can be pelleted. Out of pocket the cost is $125.00. If you have insurance, this consult applies to your co-pay or dedcutible for this visit only.

Get Pelleted

The procedure is performed by our Certified Practitioners only. It is not covered by your insurance and pricing is based on individual results. The range is $400-535 for women and $700- 1,000.00 for men. This price includes basic supplements.

Get your bloodwork done

It's more than just hormones. It's about optimizing yourself. You need your supplements to get the most out of this process. Your DIM is ABSOLUTELY necessary for every procedure done and is non-negotiable. The other supplements are determined based on your blood work and consultation.

Be and feel better!

Get back active and feeling better. Increase your quality of life. Experience increased energy, better rest, and more!


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