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General FAQs

Do you accept my insurance?

- See what insurances we accept here.

If I need to see the doctor today, can I do a walk in?


- We see walk-ins from 8:30am- 11:00 am every morning. Afternoon times vary, but typically, each day we stop accepting walk-ins at 4:00 pm. We don't take walk-ins on Fridays. Should the schedule be too full or the wait too long, we will ask that you schedule an appointment.

Who will I see when I come for my visit?

- If you have a preference of a provider, you will see the provider you request. If you are a walk-in with no preference, you will see the first available provider. We will do our best to make sure you see a provider that can accept your insurance as 'in network'. Due to time constraints or other circumstances, you may have the choice of seeing an 'out of network provider, but your out of pocket costs will be higher. See the provider profiles here.

How much will my office visit be?

- Prices for office visits are based on what services you need. Typical face-to-face encounters with providers start at $150 for established patients. Check some of our more commonly requested prices here for wellness exams and here for other stuff.

- If you have insurance and have a copay, that amount should be listed on the card. If it is not, please contact your insurance company prior to your visit.

- If you have a deductible you must meet, we can give you an estimate of your costs but the exact cost will not be determined until after your claim is processed by your insurance company.

What forms of payment do you accept?

- We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Care Credit, and more. We also accept personal checks, and of course cash. We do not accept IOUs or post-dated checks.

What do I do if I don't have my payment for my visit?

- Payments are expected at the time services are rendered. We make payment arrangements on a case-by-case basis. What helps determine being considered? If you are an established patient with us, your account history, the services being requested, and your particular circumstance.

We would prefer that you reschedule your appointment until you are able to cover the cost of your services. As one provider says, "You don't go to Kroger asking to take your groceries or prescriptions home and come back to pay them later, so don't ask me to do that either."

I want to transfer my healthcare to your office, what do I do?

- To transfer your healthcare to our office, you should fill out a medical records release form and have your other provider send your records to us.

I see a wifi network that says 'guest' but I can't login. Why?

- We are as 'paperless' as we can be while practicing medicine. Because we use electronic medical records and laptops we do have intra-office wifi. However, our network is password protected and data encrypted for patient information safety. At this time we have restricted access for students and ancillary staff in the office. It is not open for web surfing, streaming, etc.

Do you see people of all ages?

- We start seeing patients at age 5 and up. We do not do childhood immunizations and therefore we are unable to see children prior to age 5.

Do you give immunizations?

- We do provide the annual flu shot but we do not provide childhood and travel immunizations. You will have to go to a pediatrician or the health department.

Do you have other locations?

- As of now, our current address is our only location (4367 New Snapfinger Woods Drive, Decatur, GA 30035). You may sometimes see 5014 Snapfinger Woods Drive show up as our address when searching for us. That was our initial location and it's sometimes listed on insurance websites. However, our current address is our only location. We are located off of Wesley Chapel right next door to The Home Depot.

What diagnostics do you provide in your office?

- We do on site x-rays, EKGs and balance assessment testing. We also do ANS testing with our ES Complex machine.

My other doctor would just call in a new prescription for me. The receptionist says I have to come in. Why?

- Our providers have not made it a habit to prescribe medications without documentation, physical touch, and conversation. That being said, if you are requesting an antibiotic or pain medication, certain diagnostic tests must be run to determine strength and type. If you are on a chronic medication, you will need to be monitored closely for side effects, dietary/life changes, etc. Our providers take pride in seeing their chronic patients at least 4 times a year [every 3 months]. They are not only more aware of your particular problems but are able to establish a better relationship, resulting in better overall care.

I have a question about my lab results?

- If you would like to see your lab results you can view them on the patient portal. You can click the button at the bottom of the screen. If you would like to discuss what you see on your labs, you'll have to make an appointment to have an office visit with your provider. It is our provider policy not to discuss lab results via phone.

What if I can't make my appointment?

- If you cannot make your appointment, we ask that you give us at least 24 hrs notice. You can call the office, leave a voice mail, write/ cancel through your portal or reply to the text messages sent as a reminder. If you cancel less than a business day before your appointment or no show all together, you will be assessed the $20 late cancel/ no show fee.

My insurance company listed you as a provider but when I called, I couldn't make an appointment. Why?

- Insurance websites aren't always updated as quickly as we'd like. If we are listed on the company's website but the office staff states that we are not accepting the insurance, believe the office. Contract negotiation, provider credentialing, and patient populations all affect when and if we are able to accept insurances.

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