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Lab Questions

- I don't want to get my labs drawn in the office. What can I do?

Some patients prefer to have their labs drawn at a facility outside of the office. If that is the case, the provider can/ will send you with an order to have your labs drawn in the facility of your choice. It will be your responsibility to make sure we have the labs when they are processed to have a complete chart.

- I received a bill from the lab and I don't think it's accurate. Who should I talk to?

Laboratory orders are processed by an onsite phlebotomist that works for the lab. He/ She is responsible for making sure the labs are sent to the correct lab with the proper codes. Should you receive a bill that is due to processing error, you may should call the office and ask to speak with the phlebotomist. Should any codes, etc need to be changes, he/ she will be able to begin the proper steps to reprocess the claim. Should you get a bill for any other matter, please call the number on the bill and they will contact the office if anything needs to be changed/ reprocessed. Since this bloodwork is third party (not processed by our office), PCFP Office Management has no way of resolving billing issues.

- I am paying for everything out of pocket, how much will it cost?

Your out of pocket costs will vary based on what you would like to be tested for. If you are having an annual comprehensive physical you can see an estimate of prices here. If you need other lab service costs that are not listed on the website, please contact the office for a more detailed quote.

Note: You would either pay the office upfront for the cost of the labs drawn or pay the lab after they process the specimen. The payment arrangement needs to be decided at the time services are rendered.

- Which Labs do you use?

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