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Form fee changes and reminders

Beginning January 1, 2017 ALL BIOMETRIC FORMS will incur a minimum of a $10.00 charge and an extra $5.00 charge as a rush fee. What would be considered a rush? You didn't bring it at the follow up from your physical and it's due within a couple of days of you bringing it to us. We do require at least a 72 business hour turnaround on forms. Please see all the various form fees by visiting the 'Before Your Visit' Tab and looking under Out of Pocket Costs.

As always, there is a $20.00 cancellation fee for cancelling appointments with less than 24hrs notice. Yes, that includes the same morning of your appointment even if your original time is in the afternoon. If we have prepared for your visit and you are unable to keep your appointment, a fee will be incurred. If there is an extraordinary reason that you are unable to give appropriate notice, this fee will still be incurred but the situation will be looked into at a later date. We will properly document all cancellation reasons. It is your responsibility to bring proof of the situation that shows why improper notice and inconsideration were unavoidable. These fees are not the responsibility of your insurance company and they will not pay these balances. We will properly document all cancellation reasons.

If you have a balance, we expect prompt payment for services rendered. You receive an EOB from your insurance company after each claim is paid. We will not discuss how balances came about at the front desk. If you are unable/ unwilling to pay for your services, we will ask that you reschedule for a more appropriate time. If you came to your appointment unwilling/ unable to pay and did not make prior arrangements with the office, a $20.00 cancellation/ inconvenience fee will be incurred. If you have a question about the bill, please contact our billing office. Their phone number is 888.701.8826 ext 5 or ext 8289.

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