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...I am always treated like an individual with health isssues, not just a file in the computer with a name on it. There must have been great care in selection of staffing; you could tell by the positive and spiritual sysnergy between them. They treat me with all the respect and considerations due a patient, from the time I check in [until] the time I check out. Special thanks to the office managers, staff, nurses, and billing; i.e. Terrie Alexander, Gwen, Jessica, Jackie, Alaina and of course last but not least, everyone's favorite P.A. and mine, Ruben Alexander. He gives it to you straight, "keeps it real," and will, if necessary, refer you to a specialist from a great supporting network that is available to them...

L. Hammond, December 2016

They are wonderful up there great people great service. {Mr.} Alexander is the go to guy to get well and to feel better. Thanks to {Mr.} Alexander and whole staff.

A. Gee, November 2016

Thank you all! From the time I step in the door... [thank you to] the Doctor and everyone for your service with all my appointments.

L. Hill, May 2016

Dr. Kris Man-love Simmons and staff are great I've never had a problem with getting an appointment!!

A. Belle, July 2015

I love Dr. Kris Manlove-Simmons and [Mr.] Alexander and the entire staff are polite and very professional!

C. Ward, October 2014

[Mrs.] Moody is the best. {I} have been satisfied since I start seeing her a year ago

- K. Newton, November 2014

Love my [Mr.] Alexander.. he has been my Dr. for over 15yrs

- L. Cooper, July 2014

I love them.

- S. Town, May 2015

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