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Injured at work?

Worker's Compensation

Understanding Your Rights/ Responsibilities Under the Georgia Workers' Compensation Law

If you've been injured at work, first you must make sure to immediately report and file an incident report with your employer. The employer is responsible for medical and rehabilitation expenses within the limits of the law. In some cases, the employer will also pay a part of the worker's lost wages. The injuries, incidents and occupational disease should be reported in writing when possible. If you do not report the incident within 30 days, you may lose the right to receive compensation (see O.C.G.A § 34-9-80). 

The worker injured on the job must select a doctor from the employer's worker's compensation panel. There should be at least six physicians including an orthopedic surgeon on the panel. This panel also should include at least one minority physician.

Before We Treat You

- Before Making an appointment with our office, please make sure that we are listed on your employer's Workers' Compensation Panel.

- Please arrive at the office with your photo ID and Workers' Compensation Authorization and claim filing information. Click the link to download the form. It will need to be signed by your supervisor prior to treatment.

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